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There seems to be several definitions found on the internet on Smart Meters. In addition, this is not simply about metering but also about Data. It is also about business, homes, energy consumption monitoring and better ways to do things. Meter Data is designed to open our eyes to several things that are going on around us. If you have no idea about Smart Meters for business, then Meter Data will introduce you to a world of metering and data but also broaden our scope and challenge the way we think about Energy.  Knowing what is a Smart Meter is a deep question. The following multimedia presentation gives us thought regarding the definition of a Smart Meter. 


This site has been designed to save a lot of time for busy people from all walks of life who have an interest in metering, world energy and data management. MeterData.com is also Smart because it is managed by Smart people and is multimedia based. To get the most out of this educational resource and become smarter, it is best to begin with the subjects on the top menu and when you have finished to go to the bottom of this page which is continually being updated. You will see several topics being discussed from slightly different angles and this is because this site makes the  subject of Meter Data slightly broader and also very unique. Education does not only mean we should learn technical facts but also to think as objectively as possible. The world is changing very fast and if you are running a business you might be interested to know about Smart Meters because you are an Energy Consumer and might be concerned about whether or not your bills are correct "especially" if you are a very large energy consumer. You could be thinking about the best ways to monitor and conserve energy but at the same time be concerned about initial start up costs and long term maintenance. Probably one of the best ways to achieve your goals is by familiarizing yourself with newer ways to conserve energy and save costs and get in touch with companies who meet your needs. If you succeed then this benefits not only you but everyone in general because you will not be consuming resources unnecessarily. 

Right now the hottest Smart Meter related topic on the internet seems to be Electricity Consumption but Smart Meters don't just end there. No! Smart Meters can also monitor and control costs of other resources such as heat, airconditioning, utility water and even Natural Gas Consumption. It is not possible in this first page to explain all these applications and how they are related to other issues which include what is connected to the Smart Meters, Data Collection, Data Infrastructure, Data Systems and the advent of Advanced Meter Data Management Systems AMDMS. However, we hope that this introduction will be valuable to anyone who is interested in the Smart Movement. We believe that the most comprehensive sources of information are already available to the general public through different videos which we collate and present to our viewers in a Smart manner. 

Take a look at our name. It is called "Meter Data" and we all know that the more data we have, the more likely we are going to be ready to make informed decisions about what really is the best way forward. We understand that this is a very complex topic to cover and so, we have decided to allow people share their opinions and even the "Meter Data" with us on several videos. 

Some people might want to go back in time and take a look at the history of the electrical meter. Well, it is not really history quite yet because most people are familiar with traditional meters that measure electricity consumption in KilowattHours. Maybe the video below might help someone to understand that there is a cost in physically sending someone to go and read these meter values, record them and report them to the local utility.   Smart Meters will do away with the need for this. Some people say that it means job cuts while others are saying that more jobs will be created. We don't really don't really know the answer to this and are simply reporting Data. Yes, we are reporting Meter Data and welcome any contributions that might assist us in helping creating a great resource that can be used by anyone whether you are an educational institute, a business and even just an average consumer.


We are always ready to improve things for others and so if you feel that you need to contact us and provide better material than what we currently have access to, we will be very willing to cooperate. Please understand that Meter Data subjects are continually evolving and so  we might change the videos from time to time.
Anything relevant to our site will most likely be received well and we hope we will be able to respond in a timely manner.

If you need to contact Meter Data then please send a message through the Youtube contact on the following video. This website appreciates your videos on these topics and anyone wanting to feature your latest and greatest right here can get in touch with us.