It is not really possible to explain the need for monitoring, saving and controlling energy consumption without first having an appreciation of current energy resources. What is driving the world right now? Looking at the definitions of a Smart Meter could throw us off course i.e. failure to see the "wood from the trees" so why don't we start talking about Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Right now the world is depending on these industries. While we are all thinking about saving energy, why not also consider that we need even better technology. Who is working to improve oil and gas recovery? Let's take our eyes off metering for a moment and consider that there are companies with ideas for more technological improvements to increase the availability of oil and gas. Of course this is a hotly debated subject with certain people telling us we are going run out of oil and gas while others say it is nonsense. We are simply reporting Data for you to consider.


Let's look at this from another angle. There are engineers who have been complaining that current power plant designs need to be seriously upgraded and that the focus is not just about conserving energy but also about improving ways that it is produced. As explained in the following video the bottom line is "It saves fuel and reduces emission" and I would like to thank the University of Texas in Austin for this extremely important challenge which they have called "The Power Plant Efficiency Challenge"


Of course we should not forget that there is also a move to improve alternative energy technology. The truth is that currently solar power, wind power, hydro and biofuels are not yet the primary alternative to large scale hydroelectricity, nuclear and fossil fuel e.g coal fired power generation in most of the world but many of us feel we should not give up and you will find thousands of companies now involved in ways to bring renewable energy forward. What goals do certain people have? Some of them want 20% Renewable Energy by 2020. Will they achieve this? Well, I hope this page is still here in 2020 and we will know, won't we?


We hope that this short informational page provided by Meter Data awill throw some light on the situation so that we can view this subject in a more objective manner. Whatever anyone believes about the situation, we can always take positive steps to improve technology related to fossil fuel energy and at the same time work on renewable energy while doing our best to minimize the environmental impact.