Unless you live in a part of the world that uses gas piped into homes it is possible that you may never have come across gas utility meters or even smart gas meters. A good example of where is extensively distributed through low pressure gas piping networks is the United Kingdom. So what does a traditional gas meter look like and what is a Smart Gas Meter? One of the best places to look would be a company called British Gas. Here is a video showing some positive moves in Gas Billing and Smart Gas Metering.


Now "Go Green" fans in the UK can be involved in a worldwide movement on how to be more energy efficient. With the growing popularity of compact energy monitors used by homeowners it is possible to see energy consumption but also how much it is costing. Smarter systems bring certain advantages to gas users and one of the major benefits is the ability to only be billed for what you use. Smart technologies do away with the need for estimations and more accurate usage and consumption. Something that is actually incredible is that there are lots of people who want to view older British Gas Adverts. I don't think British Gas will mind us embedding one of their older commercials as long as we are letting people know that this is not currently being used. This leads us to believe that British Gas is so important to Brits, especially in winter. If you have never lived in a cold country, then may not be able to understand the dependance on gas and the benefits of having a reliable gas supply company like British Gas. It seems that there is a growing fan club for older British Gas Adverts. Here is an example.


A good gas boiler installed in a house is always good in a Brit home during the winter. It can save families from freezing to death and also allow them to have a good old refreshing hot bath not to mention gas as an alternative means of cooking food as opposed to electric devices. There are also benefits of using natural gas and one of them is that it is one of the cleanest burning fuels. The next video gives more information on further benefits.


The above video gives us some insights into the United States who apparently produces almost all of it's own natural gas for consumption. Natural Gas is also an abundant fuel source and several countries are now even using it to power vehicles e.g NGV- Natural Gas for vehicles. We hope that the information on this site if viewed as a whole will definitely help individuals to take a more balanced approach to current thoughts on energy.