Some of us might be wondering what the Smart Grid actually is but we could not be bothered to find out. Maybe if someone attempted to give a very basic definition it might help the less technical of us to appreciate what the hype is all about. Smart Grid will control power (electricity) in more optimal ways and be able to respond intelligently to a changing situation i.e. how electricity is being distributed along an electrical Grid. We think that Cisco Systems did a really good job on explaining the Smart Grid and how intelligent management of resources is beneficial.


Of importance here is the ability to actively respond to power demand changes, prices/costs and supply (including the security and guaranteed delivery) of energy which involves an understanding of how networks operate. So, we are not talking simply about hardware but also intelligent software management systems or should we say "Smart Grid Systems" One of the benefits for the consumer is the ability to use electricity wisely i.e. during off peak periods. An example is that you do not need to turn on a washing machine immediately if you had a means whereby the start and stop sequence for the washer could be automated and occur during non peak energy usage(when electricity is cheaper) and of course the benefits for utilities are the ability to manage their complete energy network more efficiently which would in theory means less chance for an outage to occur and more profitability.


For those who are not so technical it boils to the fact that a Smart Grid is an intelligent network and top computer network specialists understand this business. You do not have to be a nuclear physicist to understand some the Smart Gird Basics.  Some of the companies we are familiar with have taken time to produce interesting  educational media available to present and future energy consumers. Take for example the following division of General Electric "GE Energy"


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