Part of understanding Smart Meters is not only about a metering device but more to do with an overall understanding of just how Smart Meters and smart energy system providers will work hand in hand to optimize current energy monitoring, consumption and management. Greater awareness of moves to understand utility operations and optimization as well as home energy management increases our understanding and helps individuals and corporations take a more objective approach to issues regarding energy, sustainability and the environment. The following presentations are excellent educational tools to introduce those who are not yet familiar with the bigger picture of a Smart idea that could initiate further interest in better ways to manage consumer energy usage while at the same time optimizing distribution.


A technical understanding of the individual elements and how they are related to each other in a network system will also enable interested parties to understand the need to prevent power outages and provide more stable systems that guarantee continual supplies of electricity.


The focus of Smart Ideas can broaden our understanding of solutions to benefit large populations of energy consumers. Advanced systems which could be classified as Smart Ideas have been designed to solve the needs of those working at the Enterprise level. Since we are going to have to handle , store, manage and make sense of huge volumes of Meter Data, it requires expertise and capability on an Enterprise level to ensure that the complete process from beginning to end will be most beneficial not only to energy corporations but also to individual consumers.


A Smart Gird, Smart Ideas and Smart meters are an option that is continually developing and moving rapidly around the globe. We hope that these ideas will give our viewers a broader understanding of the commitment that is necessary and would like to thank the producers of this material for the time they spent providing us with a wider or "smarter" appreciation of complex issues.