Although for most people, the idea of a Smart Meter only revolves around electrical consumption we would like to widen the definition for those who are interested in steps being made by certain water utility companies around the globe to improve water billing and also water meter technology. Although this is very brief, it is a good resource for those who might be confused with definitions. First of all, lets all be clear about what a traditional water meter looks like. The following video was designed to teach people without saying anything in an extremely powerful 30 second video. Multimedia is the future of education and can reach out to a larger audience but that is another topic somewhere else on this site.


New words in the metering world like AMR might be too much for someone who simply wants a general introduction. Something given a "smart" name obviously implies it is not dumb but is able to perform a duty of some sort e.g. water conservation etc.  Of course we can elaborate further but we would prefer to keep the main headers simple and informative. Basically there is a general move to decrease or eliminate the need for "house visits" and manual readings by personnel who have previously had to go to the actual vicinity where the water meter is located. The next movie is very informative and will help anyone new to water metering understand what is going on. Probably a better definition of these water meters is "Automated Water Meters" and not Smart Meters but whatever terms people are currently using to converse with each other we believe that this page is giving useful information into improvements in water metering and billing.

What seems to be the justification for smarter water meters? One of the advantages will be more detailed information on actual water usage and better leak detection. Consumers are used to receiving water usage every month but with these new kinds of smart meters it will be possible to receive water consumption data multiple times throughout the day. This will do away with the need for estimated readings which are not accurate if someone has suddenly drastically reduced their water consumption in a short period of time i.e. they are not using as much water as they normally do- hence the estimation of water consumption over a traditional billing period will not be correct.

As for accuracy of water meters, there are companies who have now started to embrace newer technologies that do not depend on mechanical action to determine totalized water consumption. These are a new breed of innovators who are using sound waves produced way above audio frequencies generated by piezo ceramic excitation. Although someone might not consider these water meters to be classified as "smart" we believe that they deserve a mention since these manufacturers are offering a smarter way over conventional meters that are known to have less repeatability.


It would appear that accurate water billing is becoming more of an issue with certain groups of people. The following is self explanatory and our guess is that we will see a continuing growth in water meter technology and water billing systems in the future.


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