NEMO 1/2 S X-Industrie

The industry solution for the determination of wastewater costs and for the early detection of incidents


  • The NEMO industrial version is a specialist for sampling and on-line measurement for industrial and process wastewater
  • the large collection vessel allows representative sampling volumes to be drawn at very short intervals with the peristaltic pump module
  • the weighing system allows constant control of the representative sampling function. malfunctions are detected immediately and faulty laboratory analyses are avoided
  • the integrated homogenizer mixes the samples and distributes them in accordance with DIN directly on site to the prepared laboratory bottles
  • the floating plate reduces the outgassing of volatile substances
  • combined with the process analyzer, various on-line sensors can be connected and sampling can be triggered in case of an event
  • with various water totalizers
  • the integrated logger allows the evaluation of historical measurement and sampling data. With the optional LTE modem, these can also be transferred wirelessly via e-mail, FTP and directly to the Ori Mcloud.
  • with monitored temperature control unit
  • ATEX certified for zones 1 and 2