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Our facilities in Rayville LA & Midland TX provide convenient ways to measure flow rates in any type of pipe. It is not just about flowmeters but more about helping you get the data you need to troubleshoot, improve or optimize your system. The products shown on this website do not fully represent all the types of flow meters or flow services we supply. Give us a call if you have a flowmeter requirement!

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We specialize in flowmeters and flow-related instruments to get the data you need to make decisions. You can rent or buy portable meters or permanently installed flow transmitters to measure any type of liquid.

Suppliers of almost any type of flowmeter from our facility in Rayville, Louisiana. One of our specialties is the supply or rental of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meters which are becoming more popular in data centers.

If you need to check the flow rate of a liquid without having to cut the pipe or stop the process, then why not try our top of the line non-invasive solutions.

Not all ultrasonic flow meter technologies are the same but we can give you more options to solve either a technical or economical issue. 

The measurements include natural gas boiler flow, landfill gas metering, flare gas flow, compressed air flow and more.

Easy Installation, Accurate and Repeatable

Several decades ago, using a Clamp-on Flowmeter was kind of “hit and miss” because microprocessors were not fast enough to handle the flow data from the ultrasonic sensors. Many of the flowmeters supplied did not fit the application. Our cross-correlation transit time ultrasonic flow meters are not only easy to use but excel in their performance. They are a great tool for pump performance testing. Here is a one minute explanation on how our ultrasonic clamp on meters work.

When does flow meter availability become important?

Getting a flow meter on site as fast as possible is important when an operator is stuck and has to guess what the flow rate is.  Over the years, we have found that there are a reasons why a flow rate is being questioned. The answer could be incorrect piping designs, pump impeller issues, leaks, even partially closed valves or obstructions that were not identified. If there are aeration problems, it is also possible to see this from the signal quality.