NEMO Ex1/2 solid SE

The transmitter/sampler solution for continuous monitoring

With fully automatic emptying/rinsing of the sampling bottles, the dosing system and the suction line.


  • Sampler / transmitter fully thermostated in stainless steel housing
  • with automatic bottle emptying and rinsing function
  • with cleaning functions of the sampling bottles, suction line and the dosing system
  • optionally with peristaltic pump, vacuum membrane, hybrid or valve sampling system
  • different bottle combinations possible
  • combined with 10 channel process analyzer various on line sensors can be connected and sampling can be triggered in case of an event
  • optional metering pump for preservatives
  • the integrated logger allows the evaluation of historical measurement and sampling data. With the optional LTE modem, these can also be transferred wirelessly via e-mail, FTP and directly to the Ori Mcloud
  • ATEX certified for zone 1 and 2 available