Clamp-On Flowmeters

Sonalok 7 TX - Transit Time Clamp-On Flow Meter

Flowmeter Background

Some 60 years ago, the first ultrasonic flowmeter was created. It used the doppler shift technology.

Since then, many other non-mechanical measurement technologies have made their way into various industries using a wide range of ultrasonic flow techniques. Why?

  • Because you do not have to stop a process to get the flow data you need!
  • You do not need to drill or cut into a pipe to install the flow meter!
  • Flow Measurements have become more accurate using higher quality cross-correlation (transit time) clamp on flowmeters.

Clamp on flowmeters are operating in water treatment facilities in Houston Texas, mining operations in Canada and even in remote areas running on solar power. More recently, ultrasonic flow meters have made their way into a host of new applications, especially the clamp on type flow meter. The wider acceptance of ultrasonic flow metering technology is now obvious and is evidenced by an increase in ultrasonic flow meter manufacturers and suppliers.

More than 20 Years in Flow

EESIFLO is a trusted name in clamp on flow measurement. We have been supplying ultrasonic flowmeters to almost every imaginable liquid flow application for more than 20 years.

In Rayville, we test our flow meters before shipping them to you. We want to make sure that you receive exactly the kind of flow meter you need.

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Are all clamp on flow meters the same?

The answer to this is “Yes” and “No!” For sure, clamp on meters are all non-intrusive and will often give some results. Most folks are familiar with the doppler type flow meter or transit-time technologies.

Transit Time Cross-Correlation

Why is this technique important?  Cross-correlation techniques require sophisticated signal processing. They also require the transducers/sensors to be of the highest quality.  Take for example the ultrasonic sensors/transducers.  These transducers are supplied in matched pairs to minimize offsets between them. This is just one of the reasons why our flow meters are able to measure more accurately and repeatably than others in most liquid flow meter applications.

Our clamp on flow meters work extremely well in most velocity ranges from 0-82 ft/s, even when there is some flow disturbance. If you need to find out for yourself what the difference really is – then give us a call at EESIFLO Technologies.