COOLING Water - Chilled Water Flow Meters

Setting up our meters in a new data center is easier when you have a flow meter that will work on all types of steel or plastic pipes, even galvanized pipes.

If you have a power source ready (110VAC or 24 volts) then simply power up the meters and have them measuring cooling water in no time at all.

Installation Made Easy for Data Center Technicians

We understand that getting a permit to enter a data center is not always convenient for data center flow meter suppliers. This is not an issue because data center technicians will find it easy to use “EESIFLO” clamp on meters. If you have never used our flow meters, you will find that they are easiest of all to install.

Installing a flow meter rental unit & rent to own

Those  who are not so sure about the process measurement equipment that will finally be installed on pipes running in the cooling system can rent to own a flow meter. Once the user is convinced that our flow meters are just what they need, they have the option to buy the same unit or swap it out for something newer. We give you more flexibility!

Why operators and technicians choose the Sonalok 7?

We have a good reputation for supplying quality flow meters. Customers who are familiar with our meters normally rent again or buy again. This is because they are not only spot on accurate in chilled water applications but also because they will still work well if you’ve made a little mistake. Some clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters are not forgiving enough and if you have not positioned the flow sensors at exactly the right point, then a lot of time and effort is wasted trying to get them to work properly. Our advanced signal processing and cross-correlation techniques translates to more accuracy and repeatability over the whole flow velocities experienced in cooling water pipes in various sizes. Most of our customers have with chilled water pipes from 4 inches and above but we also have options for smaller pipes too. Smaller pipes need higher frequency transducers, simply because the transit time path is much smaller. Think of the meters like a high speed timer. If the distance gets smaller, then so does the ability to measure the delta-time and so the solution is to provide a flow meter that cycles faster.

No maintenance required with our Flow Meters

This is a big boast but it is true.  There are no moving parts, no mechanical devices and everything is done non-intrusively. You do not have to stick a flow probe into the pipe, cut holes or stop the pumps. Simply clamp on the flow meter transducers to the outside wall of the chilled pipe. Not familiar with clamp on flow meters? Try them out for yourself!

Portable Flow Meters for cross checking chilled water flows

The best Portable flow meters should not be taking too much of an operator’s or technician’s time to install and verify flow rates in chilled water applications. This is because there may be multiple pipes that need to be checked now and again. Checks are normally done to identify whether or not enough water is reaching the chiller.  Are there leaks? What about the complete process ? Is the design actually working as planned as per initial specifications. Our meters do not operate with anything mechanical intruding the pipe internals and it has never been easier to check the flow rates of water pumps and chillers.

Do you nee to make reports on chilled water flow data? The portable flow meter is battery operated and comes with a built in data logger?