Crude Oil Cut

Measure crude oil water content inline and online

Crude Oil Watercut Meters

These are meters which are installed in a piping system to measure the concentrations of water-oil mixtures. The term “cut” denotes the percentage of water in crude oil. The permittivity of water and crude oil are vastly different and easily measured using this principle which has been a trusted method for watercut measurements over the decades.

What types of crude oil?

Light crude, medium crude and heavy crude. We cover all the types of crude oil in one meter.

What if the watercut changes over time?

This is exactly the reason why we offer a crude oil watercut meter to measure in the full range. Whether your application is 0-1% water in crude oil or 0-100% water in crude, the instrument can be configured to handle any range. Accuracy is improved in large ranges using our multi-point calibration system.

Measure all types of Crude Oil

  • Class A: Light, Volatile Oils.
  • Class B: Non-Sticky Oils.
  • Class C: Heavy, Sticky Oils.

Crude oil watercut meter installations

  • Gas/liquid two-phase separator
  • Oil/gas/water three-phase separator
  • Oil Pipelines and Metering