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How does “Time of Flight” measurement for flowmeters actually work?

The following animation shows how long it takes for an object to move a fixed distance against the flow and with the flow. If you were travelling on a plane from Houston TX to Tulsa OK against the wind, it would take longer for you to reach your destination compared to a journey that had a strong tail wind. If there was no wind, the time differential TX would be zero.

Take this example further and imagine an ultrasonic signal shooting either with the flow or against it at a fixed distance, except that the object is ultrasonic pulses. In this presentation, we have represented the time of flight or “transit-time” as Delta T (ΔT) which corresponds to the flow velocity. Since the liquid media is known and the fixed distance (pipe dimensions) is also known, it is possible to calculate the volumetric flow.

EESIFLO time of flight meters are precision instruments using cross-correlation coupled with advanced digital signal processing

Houston Texas is the Energy Capital of the World. No doubt, it is also the headquarters for a plethora of energy related industries which includes exploration, production, transmission, marketing supply and technology. 

We have focused our efforts to be near enough to serve a high concentration of companies in this area because it is not only growing, but also leading  energy technologies which include traditional energy forms and renewables.

Our organization is backed not only by manufacturers and suppliers but also carries out it’s own research and development. 

Our main focus has been the supply of the correct liquid or gas flowmeter to our clients but we also supply and fabricate custom solutions and often work with local companies in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


We believe that our customers play the biggest part in our success thanks to feedback from engineers and technicians in the field.

Since new energy technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and deep water offshore technology are centered in Houston, we have ample opportunities to work closely with customers who need something better than what was previously used.

We draw on decades of engineering experience and have to believe that those trials will definitely benefit any novice while maintaining interest for the more technically adept.