Mass Flowmeters for Natural Gas

Renting and Choosing your own Natural Gas Meter Data

What if you are required to have your own natural gas meter data?

Just get your own flow meter if you are in a zoned area that requires boiler operators to document their log books with what the readings or usage is per unit at your site.

Do you simply need a natural gas flow switch?

Thermal mass flow meters are an ideal solution for both monitoring as well as reporting.

Determine optimal air-to-fuel ratios for monitoring air and fuel flow rates to burners. Choose from insertion and in-line style thermal mass gas flow meters for these applications

  • Wide operating gas flow range
  • Low Gas Pressure Drop
  • No pressure compensation needed
  • Temperature compensation needed
  • Fast Response

Ideal for applications where monitoring natural gas to your burner is compulsory due to local, state, or federal regulatory mandates.

  • No moving parts
  • No mechanical wear and tear
  • Straight forward installation
  • Control air to fuel proportioning

Made in USA

Affordable solutions for larger gas pipes. Measure natural gas with ease!

A few applications

  • Natural Gas Boiler Flow
  • Landfill Gas Metering
  • Flare Gas Flow Measurement
  • Compressed Air Flow

We can configure a flow meter to fit into an existing gas pipeline.

Insertion Type Gas Flow

Inline Type Gas Flow