Sampler & transmitter with powerful vacuum diaphragm pump

Mobile sampler/transmitter with vacuum diaphragm pump for professionals. Highest precision and flexibility in sampling combined with a ten-channel transmitter for use in wastewater and industrial applications.


  • Highest dosing accuracy by means of vacuum diaphragm pump Dosing of single samples from 15 – 250 ml (multiple dosing possible)l
  • event sampling can be performed parallel to the standard program
  • with the Multi Channel Transmitter wastewater flows can be monitored continuously and event sampling can be started directly in case of irregularities
  • the integrated logger allows the evaluation of historical measurement and sampling data. With the optional LTE modem, these can also be transferred wirelessly via e-mail, FTP and directly to the Ori Mcloud
  • the ATEX certified design allows the use within the duct system in hazardous areas of zones 1 and 2