ORI Mini

ORI Mini - ATEX certified sampler unit

The pump module can be used both as a mobile dosing unit or in addition with the Mlog or NEMO T transmitter for event-controlled sampling.


  • ORI Mini
    Simple sampler that starts a time-proportional sampling programme at the push of a button. Settings are made through the ORI Mini Manager software

  • Mlog & ORI Mini
    In combination with the 3 channel transmitter/logger ORI Mlog, an event proportional sampling can be performed with the ORI Mini.

  • NEMO T & ORI Mini 
    10 channel transmitter/logger NEMO T with full sampling function (for time- (CTCV), event- (E), volume- (CVVT) and flow-proportional (CTVV) sampling into a 10 L collection drum)