Ex Zone 0 Camera. Explosion proof CCTV

Ex Zone 0 Camera

This unique camera system is a device that is powered by mains source but designed to operate in Zone 0 hazardous areas. This is ideal for tank inspection, pipelines and other applications e.g. drainage tunnels/canals where methane gas can build up. It is ideal for visual inspections in areas where flammable gas may be present. This device was originally supplied to replace the need for operators to enter hazardous area gas spaces.


If in doubt, ask!

This product was born by customer requests to design a product to fit through 4 inch holes and have camera feed in hazardous areas. The camera is currently certified under the European system but will be ready for the US system by the end of 2022. If your company is looking for a custom solution in North America, then we welcome you to give us feedback on the development.